Lucio Capece: Composition, Soprano saxophone, Tuned Field Recordings
Tatiana Heuman: Percussion
Gerard Lebik: Tenor Saxophone
Jon Heilbron: Double Bass
Quentin Tolimeri: Piano, Analog Synth

Intending to re dimension from the beginning Counterpoint and orchestration I have written this piece. Is a Quintet composition for two saxophones, percussion, piano-analog synthesizer and double bass. I have composed a counterpoint piece in 2 voices (60 minutes long), taking as inspiration the oldest techniques in counterpoint that we know: the works by Leonin and Perotin (Xll century French composers). I have considered each one of the 7 tones of the Subharmonic scale (a scale that mirrors the harmonics scale), as a drone-cantus firmus, upon which I composed repetitive motives that are developed via simple chance operation techniques and granular improvisation. Each section ends with a field recording made in different places where I have played concerts in the last 20 years. The field recordings were made placing the microphone inside cardboard tubes of different dimensions. The resonance phenomenon inside the tubes produce a pitch. I have made these recordings changing the tube length in order to have as a pitch one of the tones of the subharmonic scale. The Subharmonic scale is obtained in two ways: theoretically ( as a mirror of the Overtones scale), or dividing a tube in equal parts, what has been done in the Aulos. A double reed instrument found in Ancient Greece, and being played at least since 2700 BCE. This instrument gives the idea that the Subharmomic scale is probably the oldest we have knowledge.

From Scratch New Discantus Quintet is supported by Musikfonds e.V. Germany

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