Department of Sound Katowice


Department of Sound Katowice is a special, dedicated program realized for the Sanatorium of Sound Festival, aiming to create unique and comfortable conditions for a broader experience of sound in the open air.

For the fourth time, in the spa park of Dr. Brehmer, on the multi-channel, proprietary soundsystem BDK 2.0., apart from the Festival artists, the Sound Office will present:

  • Mads Emil Nielsen (DK),
  • Moniké,
  • Meandry – a multi-channel sound installation by M. Dymiter / P. Ceglarek

Founded in 2014 and led by Piotr Ceglarek and Zuzanna Waltoś, the Department of Sound Katowice is a socio-educational project focused on promoting unconventional, expanded methods of sound production and reception, as well as on the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the audience and invited artists. Over the years, the project has implemented a range of activities supporting the development of the local electronic music scene, such as workshops, joint concert sessions, open-air events, quadraphonic experiments, and the Microresidency program. The organizer of the Department of Sound Katowice is the Katowice City of Gardens Cultural Institution.