Xavier Lopez

Xavier Lopez is a synthesist and pianist working in the fields of improvisation and new music. His first contact with music occurred as a child, coming from a musical family. After studying classical and jazz music at Amsterdam’s conservatory, his interest shifted to experimental music, performing internationally since over a decade. He is currently based in Berlin.

Wave/Forming (Astrum)
Catherine Lamb, 2019, for 2 arpeggiating synthesizers, ~70′ Performed by Bryan Eubanks and Xavier Lopez The piece continues Lamb’s experiments with...
Double Rainbow
Derek Shirley – drums Andrew Lafkas – electric bass Xavier Lopez – synthesizer Bryan Eubanks – saxophone electronics with Catherine...
Prisma Interius I - Catherine Lamb, 2017/2022
Performers: Catherine Lamb – viola Andrew Lafkas – double bass Rebecca Lane – quarter tone bass flute Xavier Lopez –...