1:∞ – Rastros – sound installation

Aug 12, 2022 -- 17:00

Rastros” (eng. traces), 2020

Mechanical structures, motors, and recycling resonance elements, texts, drawings, and field recordings, light, and photography serve as material to create a room of thoughts.

A commission from Seanaps Festival 2020 produced by 1:∞ (Lena Czerniawska and Emilio Gordoa)


Installations and sound works are presented during the entire festival. 

Emilio Gordoa, Mexican composer, sound artist, percussionist /vibraphonist based in Berlin since 2012. He’s involved in numerous projects including his work as a soloist and in collaboration with theater, dance,...

Lena Czerniawska was born in 1989 in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki in Poland. During her childhood and youth, she was inspired by her mother Julia Wernio, who was a theatre director....