Release premieres

12/08/2023 - 11:00

Valerio Tricoli – “Silesian Seizures Showtimes” – Sokołowsko Music/Bocian Records

Keith Rowe/Gerard Lebik –  “Dry Mountain” –  Inexhaustible Editions

Keith Rowe
Keith Rowe is a co-founder of the English improvising ensemble AMM, established in 1966. Already in the late 1950´s Rowe...
Valerio Tricoli
Valerio Tricoli is one of the most important figures in contemporary musique concrète. He is a composer, performer, creator of...
Gerard Lebik
Gerard Lebik is a sound artist, improviser/composer, performer/saxophonist. Founder and artistic director of the Sanatorium of Sound Festival in Sokołowsko....