Canti Spazializzati

23.04.15 - Canti Warsztaty_L_Fot_Wojciech_Chrubasik_05

The series of workshops and concerts, carried out since 2018, is dedicated to theories and practices in the field of experimental music, focusing on the concepts of spatialisation of sound compositions created for multi-channel sound systems. It combines the idea of presenting new music projects and providing artists with the opportunity to develop the spatial aspects of sound compositions, as well as creating a platform for cooperation between musicians, composers and sound artists.

Daniel Brożek is a Wroclaw based sound artist, curator and critic. Currently working as curator of Sound Art Forum of Survival Art Review, Canti Spazializzati workshops and concerts cycle and Space Dissonance concert cycle in PLATO Gallery. Member of University of Wroclaw The Soundscape Research Studio, as lecturer and panelist during several sound studies seminars. As producer and sound artist under the Czarny Latawiec project is working in the fields of sonoristic plunderphonics and field recording.

Marta Konieczna – graduated from the Music Academy in Łódź, where she comes from. She is currently based in Wrocław, where she is completing her master’s degree in musicology and works in the Canti Spazializzati project as a coordinator. Editor and author in the contemporary music magazine “Glissando”, once in the same capacity associated with the collective “Progrefonik”. She has also published in “Ruch Muzyczny”, “Dwutygodnik” and “Krytyka Polityczna”.

Aug 13, 2023 -- 12:00

Participants: Daniel Brożek, Edka Jarząb, Paweł Szroniak

23.04.15 - Canti Warsztaty_L_Fot_Wojciech_Chrubasik_05