Sanatorium of Sound is a festival focused on experimental music and the broadly understood fields of sound and sonic art. The main objective of the festival is to present the widest possible spectrum of the phenomena related to the development of musical forms in the 20th and 21st centuries, maintaining the balance between the traditions of experimental music of the past few decades and the new, still structureless, emergent tendencies. So far the festival has presented realizations from over 200 artists coming from all over the world. The festival is directed by Gerard Lebik and Zuzanna Fogtt and is held in Sokolowsko-spa village in the mountains on the Czech-Polish border.


“A sanatorium in the Central European border village of Sokolowsko plays host to a festival celebrating and interrogating healing vibrations and sounds of the body”
Global Ear, The Wire November 2019 (Issue 429)
“Organized by Gerard Lebik, Zuzanna Fogtt and Michał Libera, it’s a warm and intimate yet firmly international festival devoted to an array of sound artists with often contrasting perspectives”
The Wire On Location October 2017 (Issue 404)
“Sanatorium of Sound has given hundreds of experimental sound art devotees reason to ascend to a small, mysterious Polish village, nestled only a short distance from the Czech border. The annual event is housed in and around a mystical 19th-century sanatorium, where the first international treatment centre for tuberculosis was founded by Dr Hermann Brehmer in 1855”
Hyperallergic September 2016
“Just a fabulous few days overall–great people, some wonderful music, a super-beautiful place”
Just Out Side August 2016
“The program of 2017 edition rests on a few masts, and the clutter of ladders, sails and ropes spread between them presents the experienced audience with the most breakneck transitions and knots”
Jan Topolski


Sanatorium of Sound Festival 09

Time. Futurism. Revisions is the theme of the 9th edition of Sanatorium of Sound Festival. The festival will take place on 11-13 August in Sokołowsko. 

Sanatorium of Sound is a festival created by Zuzanna Fogtt and Gerard Lebik as part of the Contemporary Art Foundation Situ Foundation in Sokołowsko. The idea behind the festival is to present the broadest possible spectrum of phenomena related to the development of musical forms in the 20th and 21st centuries, maintaining a balance between the traditions of musical experimentation developed in recent decades and the new, as yet unstructured tendencies of sound art. Each year, the festival’s programme develops in multiple layers, including concerts, composer commissions, sound installations, performances, workshops, discussions, artist residencies and curatorial practices related to sound ecology, architecture, nature and medicine.

The importance and possibilities of sound are well demonstrated by the fact that the impulse leading to the revolution in 20th century art was the experience of the audiosphere of the modern metropolis. As Filippo Tommaso Marinetti wrote in The Manifesto of Futurism (1909): “We shuddered suddenly at the sound of the shrill noise of the giant double-decker trams”. He was echoed by Luigi Russolo in The Art of Noise (1913): “The life of the past was silence. Only in the 19th century, with the invention of machinery, was noise born. Today, noise triumphs and reigns sovereignly over the sensibility of people”.



12 August