Double Rainbow


Derek Shirley – drums Andrew Lafkas – electric bass Xavier Lopez – synthesizer Bryan Eubanks – saxophone electronics

with Catherine Lamb – synthesizer Rebecca Lane – flutes Todd Capp – auxiliary percussion


Double Rainbow makes music with long forms, long introductions, and it’s really almost one long song. Double Rainbow began as a quartet performing from afternoon until sunset on the river Spree in Berlin-Moabit during the spring of 2020.  The music venue Petersburg Art Space found itself situated to bypass Corona closures and host concerts on the dock behind their venue and invite the audience to come to the park across the river to listen. Conveniently, the architects of this park built a small seating tribune in the park just opposite the dock since the acoustics are so perfect from this vantage.  Meeting at this location every Sunday from early March to mid-June and again from April to June 2021, the quartet found a language, a ‘song’ to sing each week.  The whole thing happened very organically during a time when, in Berlin and elsewhere, time seemed to stand still.  Glacial pace with moments of emotional and energized clarity, the music found a way to drift in and out of the public space it inhabited, and, for the most part, fell on welcome ears from the general public – some staying for hours, some passing through briefly on a walk or ride. Because of this experience, a strong connection to public space, natural time flows, and extended duration remains vital to their music.  Short of a couple concerts indoors, the band has exclusively played their music in this site and out of doors.  For this performance in Sokolowsko they will expand the lineup to include Rebecca Lane, Todd Capp, and another synth voice from Catherine Lamb.