Julek Płoski

by Filip Preis

when you’re a DJ Hero expert you have to go on and do something more.
you live too close to Tesco so you make an album called “Tesco”, you move to
Warsaw, you play some gigs, you dj, you play some more gigs, you release your
second album “śpie” in Gin&Platonic, your cinematic hardcore “Human Sapiens
Ep”, your trailer-core ep “Julek! Julek! Julek!” in glamour.label that you own, you
work on your third, epic, cinematic LP for Orange Milk Records, you run BFF
Music, you work on an EP for Dyspensa Records and there’s a lot of other stuff
coming on.
life is fast so you do kickboxing bum bum and finally fall asleep and finally wake
up and finally fall asleep and do kickboxing bumbum!!!!!

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Aug 11, 2023 -- 23:00
by Filip Preis