Justyna Stasiowska


Justyna Stasiowska does theory through sound. Working in the field of sonic narration she focuses on notions of dramaturgy and design in different disciplines. Writes text and makes audio papers about performativity of sound perception. Creates installations and also works with choreographers, directors in fields of dance, theater and film creating fakescapes in order to think what is affective force of sound in specific medium.

Fakescape for relaxation/chill/be sick/fail

Fakescapes is a practice of parasiting the cultural landscape of representations and mutating them into something new that never presents as new. Fakescapes are a form of mimicry of different kinds of internal/external, micro/macro soundscapes surrounding us. I practice fakescapes to question the practices of colonial gathering sound and field recording, ethnography which always are a projection of what is beyond, what we are used to listening to. The sounds I make are created through synthesis and are a mimicry of recorded sounds. I focus on the context of listening into and movement of sound in a space. Fakescapes is a manifest in sense of manifesting what is overheard, silenced and under the skin – it touches the affective force of sound in cultural context referring to spaces of malls, halls, cinemas, commercials pouring out of TV and all the sonic weathering of representations that wrap out information in digestible form. Fakescapes for Sanatorium will feed on sound of relief, relaxation and culture of relaxation music and muzak in order to question how natural are the sound of nature when you’re in nature.