Nora Klungresæter

Musician extracting unusual sounds from her piano in a variety of contemporary ways.

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Based in Oslo musician, she gained formal education in The Norwegian Academy of Music. Her fascination for experimental contemporary music has grown during the past years. She creates melancholic and rhythmic soundscapes using field recordings, synths, contemporary prepared piano and electronics. Notably with VRANG – a pianoduo with Susanne Xin, with whom she will perform during the Sanatorium of Sound Festival.

VRANG (Nora Klungresæter & Susanne Xin) - sound performance
Mar 23, 2024 -- 15:00

The piano was once almost a holy instrument. It was only in the 20th century that it was dared to open it up, produce less conventional sounds and even be treated as a percussion. Klungresæter and Xin bravely make use of these advances, while still retaining much tenderness and sensitivity to the irreverent keyboard. They run preparation and other contemporary techniques through the filter of their experience, which leads us to believe that the sound performance they plan to present in the Sokołowsko space will be truly unique.

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