Paweł „Paide” Dunajko

Paweł Paide Dunajko is a Polish artist known for his unique style and contributions to the contemporary art scene.

Pawel Paide Dunajko

Pawel “Paide” Dunajko is a footwork culture promoter in Poland and worldwide, publisher and event organizer. Owner of cassette labels Outlines and Guides. Founded in 2016, Outlines explores the most interesting trends in club music with a strong emphasis on fast tempos inspired by Chicago footwork and non-obvious rhythmic structures. Outlines and Guides’ works reflect the expressive curatorial vision of the label’s owner, Pawel “Paide” Dunajko, who draws on the traditions of avant-garde, graphic, and sound minimalism in his publishing practice. As a DJ, he supported the most important representatives of Chicago Footwork: DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Traxman, DJ Earl; performed at Unsound festival (2016) and twice (2016, 2024) in Japan.

Paweł „Paide” Dunajko Dj set
Aug 2, 2024 -- 21:00
Pawel Paide Dunajko