Przemysław Witkowski


Dr. Przemysław Witkowski (1982) is a researcher of political extremism, journalist of “Polityka” and assistant professor at Collegium Civitas. Collaborator of the Center for Research on Extremism in Oslo and the American think tanks Counter Extremism Project and the International Center for Counter-Terrorism, and an expert of the Radicalization Awareness Network operating at the European Commission. Author of books: “Glory to Superman. Ideology and pop culture” (2017), Laboratory of Violence. Political history of the Roma” (2020) and “Fascism that is coming” (2023).

Aug 13, 2023 -- 15:00

Fascism is the past projected into the future by new means. Rejected from the mainstream, he broke into it, experimenting with form. Brutal, over-stylized, despising bourgeois aesthetics, he was also...