Valerio Tricoli


Valerio Tricoli is one of the most important figures in contemporary musique concrète. He is a composer, performer, creator of sound installations and improviser, master of the reel-to-reel tape recorder. His art primarily addresses issues such as the reality and virtuality of sound, the various forms of its reproduction, and the problems of memory associated with the aforementioned themes. In his view, concrete music is always suspended between the ‘here and now’ and the shadowy empire of memory – distant but simultaneously present experiences, not far removed from the phenomenon of déjà-vu. Tricoli is one of the pillars of today’s leading experimental music label, PAN.
Aug 12, 2023 -- 11:00

Valerio Tricoli – “Silesian Seizures Showtimes” – Sokołowsko Music/Bocian Records Keith Rowe/Gerard Lebik –  “Dry Mountain” –  Inexhaustible Editions