Machines and emotions, multiple textures - her acts are a journey through the ambiguous regions of electronica.

Ziúr by Marc Krause-1

An experimental producer/musician and a fixture in Berlin’s rich musical topography. She produces music that is expansive, rich and diverse in texture, with sounds which are simultaneously machinistic and deeply anthropomorphic, toying with mechanical isolation and the chaotic spectrum of human emotion. Unlike a soundtrack or score, there is no film to which one can turn to narrativize the music … There are only evocative sounds reaching from each song towards the cybernetic. Very much hitting her creative stride, in 2021, she has so far already released her third album, Antifate, and two EPs: Blur, and Now Now to critical acclaim.

Ziúr - live act
Mar 23, 2024 -- 22:00

She is not only a DJ and animator of the experimental club scene, but also an excellent producer. That's why you can expect a performance that goes far beyond the way we usually imagine such acts. Constantly colliding and grinding textures and rhythms lead their own absolutely absorbing narrative.

Ziúr by Marc Krause-1