Zosia Hołubowska

Zosia-Hołubowska-2023-Martina-Lajczak-3 - Zosia Hołubowska

Zosia Hołubowska is a Vienna-based non-binary sound artist, queer music activist, researcher, and producer. They work on topics of queering archives, healing practices, and interspecies intimacy. They create performances, sound installations, and radio works and compose soundscapes for dance performances. In 2022 together with Julia Giertz, they premiered an immersive audio ritual Community of Grieving, commissioned by Unsound and Elevate Festival.


Aug 12, 2023 -- 18:30

6:30 pm – composition: Mariam Gviniashvili interlude 7 pm – composition: Aleksandra Słyż and Gerard Lebik

Aug 13, 2023 -- 18:00
Aug 11, 2023 -- 19:45

A special event will be the opening concert at Kino Zdrowie, during which we will hear performances of new compositions commissioned especially for The Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners –...

Zosia-Hołubowska-2023-Martina-Lajczak-3 - Zosia Hołubowska