The Secondary Rainbow – sound and ephemeral light installation (2016/2022)

Aug 12, 2022 -- 18:00

Installations and sound works are presented during the entire festival. 

The Secondary Rainbow is a generative installation for sound and light using natural light to create ephemeral constellations of refracted spectra and sound filtered from microphones outside of the installation site. Using simple arithmetic and beginning always with 3 tones (a chord), a system of rational harmonics is developed through summations, differences, multiples and divisions of these initial three tones. After a while this collapses and begins again from 3 different tones. The intensity of each tone is directly related to its intensity in the surrounding area, the sound functions much like an electronic aeolian harp. The light installations are small prisms situated around the space reflecting and refracting the light (a parallel filtering) as natural sunlight moves through the room. The process of sound and light transformations are organic and always related to the immediate world around the site.

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