Canti Spazializzati Collective – After Life of R. M. Schafer

Aug 14, 2022 -- 15:00

Still the noise in the mind: that is the first task – then everything else will follow in time.

― R. Murray Schafer

The final day of last year’s festival was overshadowed by the news of R. Murray Schafer’s death. It is quite significant that also the first anniversary of his passing coincides with the dates of the Sanatorium of Sound. At the confluence of the ideas of listening and at the crossroads of their further development, we want to say goodbye to Schafer. By straining our hearing – that much is clear. Amidst sounds present and sounds imagined, we will try to follow the ideas and question the ideas of the Canadian researcher, composer and philosopher. Gymnastising the ear and tuning the world to ourselves, to listen and not get lost in the noise of schizophonia. Bury Schafer by straining your hearing – and listen, not just hear, forever.

The Canti Spazializzati collective from Wrocław (here composed of Daniel Brożek and Marta Konieczna), as well as their guests, invite you to a consolation that is a year overdue. And during it, listening exercises, readings, reminiscences, questions and listening together to possible narrative paths “after Schafer”.

The series of workshops and concerts, carried out since 2018, is dedicated to theories and practices in the field of experimental music, focusing on the concepts of spatialisation of sound...