Department of Sound Katowice – multiple channel soundsystem, pieces presented by festival artists – Martyna Kosecka

Aug 12, 2023 -- 13:30

Inspired by the famous poem of the Iranian poet Sohrab Sepehri with the same title, the music project developed especially for the Sanatorium of Sound Festival is an exploration of sonic materials that surround us – both the sounds we are aware of, and those we prefer to neglect. Kosecka’s music maps the sounds of the Oslo region and forms a portal between the soundscapes of different origins, blending them together and amplifying their differences and similarities. And finally, transforming them into new and unknown musical realities.

If you are looking for me,

I am beyond nowhere.

Martyna Kosecka is a Polish composer, performer, conductor, curator and researcher in new music. Her music grows out of her interest in philosophy, physics, linguistics and the mythologies and fables...