flow installation + performative activation

Aug 12, 2022 -- 18:00

installation + performative activation
Time was a face on the water, and like the great river before them, it did nothing but flow.
Stephen King, The Wind Through the Keyhole

Sokołowsko grew around the the small rivers Sokołowiec and Sokołowiec Maly. First mentioned in 1350 as Girbrechtsdorf (later Görbersdorf) the settlement was founded here most probably because of the fresh water streams and their close by springs. The International Laboratory of Culture in Sokolowsko (the former Dr Brehmer Sanatorium) is situated directly at the junction of these two small streams. In fact the Sokołowiec Maly is running underneath the main building
of the complex.

With an eye on environment and context – flow zooms in the physical, bio-chemical and historic constitution of that
situation and invites to a carefull relational listening.


Installations and sound works are presented during the entire festival.