„Nyege Nyege Tapes Tapes #2: Kampala” dir. Jan Moss / Movie screening and artist talk

Aug 13, 2022 -- 11:00

“Singeli Movement: Greed for Speed” is a documentary directed by Jan Moszumański, created in cooperation with the Ugandan record label Nyege Nyege Tapes. It presents the artists of Sisso Studio and Pamoja Records – two leading production houses of Singeli’s music – Tanzanian electronic turbofolk, showing its birth as a symptom of the economic transformation that Tanzania underwent after 1999. The film features Singeli superstars such as Makaveli, Bampa Bana, MCZO, Duke, Rahema Tajiri, Jay Mitta, MC Kadilida, MC Antivirus, DJ Longo, Chief Baker, Muchizo, Kashiwash, Yakubu and many more!

Singeli music comes from the slum of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It was established at the turn of the century, when, after 40 years of building a socialist economy, Tanzania began implementing liberal reforms similar to those adopted by Poland 10 years earlier. Singeli’s creators come from the first generation that grew up in the new reality. The texts of their songs, attitudes, goals and dreams reflect the image of the epoch – the clash of altruism of bygone times with the awareness of the need to attract eyes and create one’s own image, which the artist must face in his pursuit of fame.

Jan Moszumański is a visual artist who works with film, sculpture and sound. He studied fine arts at the academies in Krakow, Oslo and Malmö, and is interested in the...