ECHO (2022)

Aug 13, 2022 -- 5:40

Walk- and sound-therapy at sun rise with musicians, the public, wind and nature

Start: Sanatorium Westybul

Saturday, August 13, 2022, 5.40 am – 7.00 am, 

duration around 2h

The composition uses pieces by Tom Johnson (USA) and Mario Pagliarani (CH)


1. Tom Johnson (1939)  Nine Bells (1979) solo on 9 Platten-Glocken

Bastian Pfefferli (CH)- Bells

Duration: 57’


2. Talks (UA) 

Installation on water, played by the wind.


3. „For Salvatore – Addition to Perfection” (UA) on 14 Bells

Mikolaj Rytowski – Bells


4. Windows to the world (UA) –

Interactive piece with musicians and the public

on 18 bells from around the world

Duration: 3’47’’


5. Walking (UA) – 

Interactive installation with audience participation and bike bells


6. Mario Pagliarani Carillon (2016) on 6 pipe bells


Kaja Marina Weiss, Miguel Angel Garcia Martin, Alicja Rytowska, 

Grzegorz Gebski, Mikolaj Rytowski, Bastian Pfefferli 


Duration: 10’


7. Breakfast on the grass 

Staged breakfast with hot coffee and chocolate buns à la Swiss

Sylwia Żytyńska was born in Warsaw and studied the piano, cello and percussion in Poland and Switzerland. She was a regular member of “Ensemble 13” in Karlsruhe for more than...