Touch This Fragrant Surface of Earth

Aug 2, 2024 -- 20:00

For the Sanatorium of Sound, Ahti will present a new iteration of a project called Touch This Fragrant Surface of Earth (ca 35 min) for 4-channel tape, live electronics, and amplified objects. Ahti’s work is rooted in an abiding fascination with the simple strangeness of human experiences with sound, and human consciousness more broadly—the notion that vibrations sensed by eardrums can be experienced as something deeply affecting, even profound, under the right conditions. The resulting compositions create vivid electroacoustic environments, precise and rich in detail, characterized by slowly warping harmonies and mutating textures.

Marja Ahti (b. 1981, Lulea) is a Swedish-Finnish sound artist working in composition, installation, and cross-disciplinary performance. Working with field recordings, feedback, analog synthesis, digital processing, and acoustic instrumentation, she...