The Fullness Collective is a female group combining painting and new music techniques. Based at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, seeking new sound art forms.

Kolektyw Pełnia by Tomasz Ogrodowczyk

The Fullness Collective is a female collective aligning seemingly distant artistic practices such as painting and extended performance techniques used in new music. The collective was founded at the Audio Sphere Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and seeks new forms of sound art expression.

Aleksandra Chciuk – leader
Joanna Dreczka
Natalia Kędzierska
Alicja Pangowska

In the creative process, the collective places great importance on methodology. From the idea through exploration and combining selected means to tuning the effect to a specific space. Basic tools include field recordings video drawing object on-camera performance recently voice and a subtle shift towards choreography. The starting point in the addressed issues is Schaefferian thought, including treating objects on par with instruments. On the other hand, Schaferian thought about the soundscape as a global composition abstracting particular threads from it and seeking mutual influences and dependencies between them.

The artists build the structures of their performances as broad meticulously planned narratives where specific ideas form the core (e.g., the issue of acoustic ecology in the era of the energy crisis – Pleasure of Items) intertwined with tensions and phenomena generated during the process. Hence intuition and the vibrations resulting from meetings are also essential elements of their multimedia exhibitions.

Networks – a piece for tape water surface and movement is a project that emerged in response to last year’s work in Sokołowsko Sound Healing Rituals. “Networks tell the story of a well called the Nymphaeum. This is where the deep water streams of Sokołowsko meet. We want to present to you the world ‘below’. This world which is invisible but which we can perceive by adhering to it with our feet or ears. In the ‘Rituals’ we focused on the world ‘above’ and ‘within’. We climbed the walls of the forest and most of the time we spent on night recordings in the Brehmer Sanatorium. Now we invite you to look under the ground under the crust.”

Aug 4, 2024 -- 20:00

Nets – a piece for tape, sheet of water and movement is a project that was created, as it were, in response to last year’s work carried out in Sokolowsk...

Kolektyw Pełnia by Tomasz Ogrodowczyk