Edyta Jarząb

Edyta Jarząb is a sound artist, practices deep listening as a starting point for sound activism. Studied with Pauline Oliveros and learned Hindustani Raga in Varanasi/India. Interested in voice as a bridge between the public and private sphere; listening, singing, and improvisation as a practice of social resistance.

She records and analyze the sonosphere of protests as well as organizes sound walks, workshops, and warm-ups before street demonstrations. Using extended voice techniques, radio waves, field recording, and electronics – she creates an audio sphere for her personal and collaborative performance works, radio plays, and interventions. She co-creates the Warsaw-based community Radio Kapitał, a member of

From 2020 to 2021 she was a resident of the experimental studio WORM in Rotterdam; and collaborator of the interdisciplinary platform Q-O2 based in Brussels.

Lives in Sokołowsko, a village in the mountains, south of Poland.

The Major Arkana of Fungi
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