Sound installations during the whole festival

Aug 12, 2023 -- 10:00

Peter Ablinger

1. Peter Ablinger
„General Strike of Art”
(Impossible Pieces 2022-2)

2. Peter Ablinger
A wind chime (2016, produced 2020)

3. Peter Ablinger
Music Mirror (2021)

4. Peter Ablinger
WEISS / WEISSLICH 25b/  earplugs (2010)

WEISS / WEISSLICH 25c, blindfold (2017)


Edka Jarząb

You’ll go up the mountain, I’ll go through the valley – multi-channel sound installation, 10 minutes

Brehmer’s Sanatorium, 1st floor

Melaphyre is a rock of volcanic origin, used in road and railway construction. It is mainly found in Lower Silesia. It contains olivine, which is the main component of meteorites.
The bass membranes are covered with earth from the nearby melaphyre mine. Turned upwards, they play in two phases, in the first we hear a recording made with a geophone, while in the second phase the membranes are vibrated by sine waves of a specific frequency. Field recordings from around the mine complete the composition.

One can visit Sokołowsko and the Andrzejówka mountain hostel and never learn about the history of the mine and its impact on the environment, on the microclimate of this mountain corner. Depending on the chosen route, you may find yourself in a “scatter zone” or come across a salamander by a stream.

The work, adjusted for the space of the Sanatorium was created at the invitation of the Art Transparent Foundation, during the exhibition “Restrictions of a certain way of moving”


Magdaléna Manderlová

In a Salty Stream (2023) 20 minutes

The 4-channel composition is based on my field research and time spent with Sapal de Castro Marim e Vila Real de Sto. António Nature Reserve in Castro Marim, Portugal, as part of Particular Universal AiR upon the invitation by NyMusikk.

Text and field recordings by Magdaléna Manderlová. The manuscript is inspired by the conversations I had with Luis Filipe & Miguel Silveira (marine biologists), Agostinho Gomes (birdwatcher), Rosa Madeira (ecologist/educator), Paulo Monteiro (natural reserve ranger), and Pedro Pires (historian). It includes quotes from Rachel Carson’s The Edge of the Sea (1955) and The Sea Around Us (1951); the title In a Salty Stream comes from the last.

Voice: Ellen Claire Martin
Text edit: Katherine Butcher
4-channel mix: Magdaléna Manderlová with Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad and Frank Ekeberg
Stereo mix: Frank Ekeberg

Supported by Arts Council Norway, NyMusikk and Particular Universal.


Paweł Kulczyński

FULCRUM projected on IKOSYNTH – 12-speaker array

FULCRUM is a multichannel, parametrically-driven ambisonic audio installation/composition
that addresses the ecological loss caused by the climate crisis and the potential for
environmental and societal disturbances, including wars, as a result. To understand and come
to terms with this situation, it is necessary to grieve and find new adaptive strategies. The
concept of "Dark Ecology" by Timothy Morton is particularly useful in this regard: "This is the state of affairs of the Anthropocene, where ecological awareness (…) implicates us all in some
sort of environmental film noir: just as the detective is also the criminal, the philosopher is part of
the massively distributed thing that is the human species and contributes to mass extinction".


Michal Kindernay


Composition for fifty-seven thousand five hundred drops of water. How much liquid does a being need to survive and how much Earth to breathe. Let’s pray for the sound water level of sensitivity, hydropathy, epiphany of an eternity of elemental oblivion

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

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