Oceans Roar 1000 Drums

Aug 12, 2022 -- 19:30

Todd Capp – drums and cymbals

Andrew Lafkas – doublebass

Bryan Eubanks – saxophone electronics


Oceans Roar 1000 Drums carves a deep groove in the flow of time, drawing in a continuous circulation of textures that obscure any difference between entropy and stillness. Formed in 2008 in New York and now based in Berlin, the trio is Todd Capp, Bryan Eubanks and Andrew Lafkas They have released a few recordings (notably an LP with Catherine Lamb on her secondary rainbow synth) but their music collaboration is focused on living improvisation. For this appearance at Sokolowsko, they will play as a trio for the first time in Europe since 2019.

Bryan Eubanks (b. 1977, US) develops his music through solo work and collaboration. Since 1999 he has participated in many short and long term projects, and regularly presents his work...

A native New Yorker who grew up seeing the likes of Monk, Miles, Mingus, and Trane during the twilight of jazz’s golden age, Todd Capp started playing drums as a student at...

Andrew Lafkas Living Berlin, American double bass player and a member of Sacred Realism.