Wacław Szpakowski

Forerunning visual works representing the currents of geometric art, minimalism and op-art in a sonified formula.


Wacław Szpakowski (1883–1973) was a Polish artist, architect, photographer and musician. Forerunner of world geometric art, minimalism and op-art and a leading figure shaping the Polish avant-garde. He believed in creating a coherent visual system for describing reality and discovering rhythmic patterns in nature, architecture, science and art. He created a unique language of forms and signs reflecting the partial structure of the world, and his works are in the collections of the Museum of Art in Łódź and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Szpakowski believed in the possibility of creating a coherent visual system to describe the reality that surrounds us. Fascinated in the rhythmic repetitiveness of nature, his abstract way of thinking drove him into exploring linear schemes in various phenomena present in nature, architecture, science and art. This approach became the fundament for creating systems of graphic descriptions of linear infinities, and later on for creating patterns of rhythmical lines. He described his own language of forms and signs, which in his art strived to reflect the partial structure of the world.


Gerard Lebik plays Wacław Szpakowski (1883–1973) - "Rhythmic Lines Vol 2." | opening exhibition
Mar 23, 2024 -- 10:00

The project aims to transpose Wacław Szpakowski's visual art into sound by sonifying the space, creating an ambisonic auditory experience. Inspired by the geometric art of the artist and architect, Gerard Lebik seeks to transform its essence into a multi-layered acoustic structure that transcends the boundaries of visual perception and delves into the realm of psychoacoustic auditory experience.

The original drawing by Wacław Szpakowski (from the "S Series", created in 1939-1943) was made in ink on tracing paper, and in 1952, as one of many "Line Ideas", it became the model for the Plafond in the cinema hall of the then Dom Kultury Pafawag (House of Culture Pafawag). Many years have passed, the DK Pafawag has changed its name, and the weekend of the Sanatorium of Sound festival, it is celebrating its reopening and renaming as the Centrum Kultury Nowy Pafawag (New Pafawag Cultural Center)! Szpakowski will also be named patron of the auditorium in the Center, and his Plafon awaits restoration.

Gerard Lebik's installation/composition presented in Sokołowsko was created as an interpretation of the drawing of the uncovered Plafon and is another installment of the project to make Szpakowski's graphics sound, curated by Łukasz Kujawski.

Aug 14, 2022 -- 12:00

Rhythmical lines in the space of sound. Wacław Szpakowski (1883-1973) / Gerard Lebik Concept: Łukasz Kujawski Animation: Łukasz Grynda Wandering along the geometric path of the pioneer of Polish abstract...